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UNHWAA Presents:
"To Sponsor a Wrestler"

The fundraiser " To Sponsor a wrestler" is to help support aid UNH Wrestlers without spending any out of pocket costs. This will allow our wrestlers to focus on competing and not shy away from the commitment. 

UNH is allowed to send 22 wrestlers to the NCWA Northeast Conference / National Championships each year. Only two eligible wrestlers per weight class can Enter/Qualify into these tournaments!!

The University of New Hampshire Alumni Alliance's goal is to help aid all cost from: Travel, Room & Board, League dues / fees, uniforms, athlete dues / fees
to support our wrestlers with bare minimum to represent UNH Wildcats !!

It cost roughly $2k year to support one wrestler for season!! Please help / Join
UNHWAA in any possible way to raise $2k per wrestler...... our goal is 44K for the team!

Below is our donation tiered system to help UNH Wrestling,
Please click on the box to assist you to the Fundraising site!!!
All donations $100 and over will gain you access to a UNHWAA Membership!!
501C donations can be written off to this non profit organization. 
Any donation is greatly appreciated!!



UNHWAA Presents
"To Sponsor a Wrestler"
One Time Donation Registration


$10-$299 Wildcat Alumni Level

$300-$699 All-American Level

$700-$1999 National Champion Level

$2000 + Hall of Fame Level


UNHWAA Presents
"To Sponsor a Wrestler"
Monthly Recurring Donation Registration


Wildcat Alumni Club: $10.00 a month

All-American Club: $25.00 a month

National Champion Club: $50.00 a month

Hall of Fame Club: $100.00 

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